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 WoW Fundraising Consultancy works with organisations and initiatives in the international development and social impact sectors, providing exceptional fundraising consulting services catered specifically to their needs. 

Prospect Research

If you're looking to take your fundraising to the next level, my Prospect Research service is the perfect place to start. I specialise in finding and researching potential donors and partners who are passionate about supporting your cause.


With my guidance, you'll gain the insights and intelligence you need to build strong relationships and secure funding for your organisation. Find out more about my prospect research offering here.

Fundraising Strategy Development

At WoW Fundraising Consultancy, I offer personalised strategies for nonprofit organisations and individuals on how to successfully raise funds.


I understand the challenges that come with fundraising and will work with you to develop a plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Find out more about my fundraising strategy development offering here.

Fundraising Training and Coaching

Looking for expert guidance in fundraising? Look no further than WoW Fundraising Consultancy. I offer personalised training and coaching to help you take your fundraising efforts to the next level. With my support, you can build lasting relationships with donors and meet your fundraising goals. Find out more about my fundraising training and coaching services here.

Prospect Research

Prospect research is a crucial aspect of effective fundraising for nonprofit organisations. It focuses on collecting and analysing information about potential donors to identify new supporters and broaden the funding base.

This service allows organisations to pinpoint individuals, corporations, or foundations likely to support their mission financially. Prospect research's main advantage is the discovery of new donors through the examination of public records, philanthropic databases, and wealth indicators, thereby helping nonprofits overcome the challenge of finding new funding sources.


Additionally, it enables a more targeted and strategic approach to fundraising by understanding potential donors' giving patterns and interests, which enhances the chances of securing financial support and fostering long-term donor relationships. I can help you identify potential donors and advise you on incorporating this research into your fundraising strategy, recommending specific techniques and engagement methods. Prospect research also aids in diversifying funding sources, ensuring financial stability and reducing dependency on a limited number of donors.


Leveraging my expertise in prospect research can significantly boost your organisation's fundraising efforts, helping you achieve your goals and advance your mission.

Fundraising Strategy Development

A fundraising strategy is essential for the success of any nonprofit organisation as it outlines goals, objectives, and methods for raising funds to support the mission and programmes. I will develop a customised fundraising strategy by working closely with you to identify goals, potential funding sources, and engagement strategies.


This strategy provides a roadmap for success, helps build a solid donor base, promotes transparency and accountability, and enables effective resource management. By following this plan, you can increase the chances of meeting fundraising targets, attracting and retaining donors, and demonstrating responsible stewardship to stakeholders.

Fundraising Training and Coaching

My fundraising training and coaching service helps individuals and organisations improve their fundraising efforts and achieve their financial goals. This service will give you the knowledge and skills to plan and execute your fundraising campaigns effectively and successfully.


The service's training aspect involves educating clients on various fundraising strategies, techniques, and best practices. We will cover topics such as donor identification and cultivation, creating compelling fundraising resources, and leveraging social media for fundraising purposes. The training sessions can be customised to suit your specific needs and goals.


In addition to training, I coach clients to ensure their fundraising efforts are on track and successful. This involves one-on-one or group coaching sessions where clients can receive personalised guidance and support. The coaching aspect can help you develop and implement fundraising strategies, set realistic goals, and overcome any challenges you may encounter during the fundraising process.


This valuable service equips individuals and organisations with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in fundraising. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fundraiser, this service will provide the tools and support needed to achieve fundraising success.

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