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Wonu Owoade is a woman of Nigerian heritage who grew up in the United Kingdom and currently resides in the Netherlands. She founded WoW Fundraising Consultancy with the vision to raise awareness and encourage support for initiatives that wish to create positive and sustainable social change.

Wonu's Story

Wonu has over twelve years of experience in fundraising. Her interest in fundraising and the nonprofit sector started with volunteering in her youth. Since then she has built considerable experience working with several organisations in the international development and social impact space.


Wonu has worked with numerous trusts and foundations, bilateral and multilateral donors based in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia. 


Throughout her career to date, Wonu has learnt considerably about what makes donors tick and key principles around fundraising best practices. 


Wonu has a bachelor's degree in Ancient History and History from the University of Nottingham and a master's degree in Africa and International Development from the University of Edinburgh.

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